Wilder in Real Life: A New Dawn, A New Day

By Lauren Wilder

By the time you read this it’ll be 2010 and every time New Year’s Eve rolls around, I sit down with a notebook, write a letter to God or I pray, and reflect on the past year. My first year out of college has been an absolute roller coaster and I’m still in one piece. Every year I get a little stronger and wiser, but then I realize I have such a long way to go. It seems like I have lessons on life that could be stretched out into a lifetime. In actuality I’ve been through the typical things, nothing detrimental or tragic, just normal.

I’ve come to realize that just about everyone on that subway to work has been where I’ve been or experiencing something with me at the same time. Readers, I’m not having a unique experience, but what I do have is the ability to share it with you and anyone else who can relate. This is my outlet for coping with pretty average things, but it seems like the end of the world (it’s only the beginning).

As I ring in 2010, I will remember 2009 and move forward humbled my past. I also will let marinate the fact that I don’t know everything (even though I think I do) and really shut up and listen. No one in this world owes me anything; I haven’t found a cure for AIDS or even made a dent in this world (I’m hoping to start here).

I do apologize to you all for producing such a somber installment, but I think it’s called for.

But wait…

Here’s the uplift and challenge I’ll present to each of you. For New Year’s Eve no matter where you are or what you’re doing take a minute and reflect. I also want you to have high hopes for the New Year without the resolutions. My resolution for every year is to do my very best, take care of myself, be happy, and grow.

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