Wilder in Real Life: Are You Motivated?

by Lauren Wilder

The title of this installment reminds me of a chant from an organization, National Black Society (NBS), at my alma mater. It works better if I had a chair next to you at your computer, but the chant starts “Are you motivated? Yes, I’m motivated!” So Wilder is motivated and it’s about time. First I want to say thank you to my faithful readers because I heard through the grapevine praise that was much needed.

I am motivated to go back to school. **Gasp** Yes, as much as I was completely against the notion, I realized that finding a job could possibly take a year. As many economists and financial experts think they know the end of the recession or when there will be a job boom, the truth is no one knows. I don’t plan on twiddling my thumbs hoping I’ll get a call for a second interview, which feels like a life and death matter by the way. Lucky for me I’m not a mother or wife so its o.k. for me to be employed part-time. I am in a lovely place called the beginning.

Surprisingly this weather has motivated me to press on persevere through the downtown winds backhanding me in. Just like the world itself the winter is only going to get colder and harder to make it to work, an interview, or the library. I believe there is some element in your life that is pushing you that you may not be aware of, so take a minute and acknowledge it. After you have done that keep going because there’s always something around the corner waiting for you.

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