Wilder in Real Life: When It Rains…Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Pour

by Lauren Wilder

So I said in last month’s installment that Chicago has a rainy season instead of a spring.  The rain started a little over a week ago.  No monsoons so far, but it’s been pretty cloudy.  I’m sure you’ve noticed my references to the weather; it influences my mood and sometimes reflects what’s going on in my life.  Maybe it’s my whole spiritual/nature belief system, but that’s another story.  Anyway, today, despite the clouds and the backsliding weather (yes, I’m calling you out), I’m in a good place.

On the job front, I have found myself laughing.  Could it be that I’m terribly upset because my degree is collecting dust and it seems like everyone around me is employed?  No, it’s because if I sit and pout about it (which I did a couple of weeks ago) I end up wasting time.  I honestly feel like I’m going to be O.K. and so will everyone else because I’m not the only one.

I think back to several years ago when all you had to do was go the extra mile, send a thank you card, and you were in.  I’m convinced these days that everyone is sending aloe plants and potpourri.

My glimmer of hope appeared in an interview for an internship; a perfect opportunity to spread my chops to another avenue.  I didn’t get my hopes up because as I expected someone with a writing and marketing background would get it.  Maybe I’ll have some luck at an open house I’m attending.  I’ve never been to one, but I’ve heard open houses leads to a dead end of cold calling.  Joy.

In other news I’m freelancing for the Chicago Defender and getting published on occasion.  My most recent was with a Grammy-nominated recording artist, Raheem DeVaughn.  I’ll wait for you to get over your excitement because I’m still shocked that I interviewed him.

You know something?  Right next to my career building big feature story I did when I was an intern at my local newspaper will go this one.  It made and still makes all the other mess around me fly out the window.  It definitely pays doing what you love for free.  Every time I think about it I’m like so what I’m a part-time retail sales associate.  But I’m that retail sales associate who’s a columnist and a freelance writer.   I feel pretty damn good about being Lauren Wilder.

Rain is in the forecast; luckily I have an umbrella and rain boots.

Yes, please google my name and the Chicago Defender.

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