You must have Vision, Belief and Action

In reflecting on the close of 2008 while embracing the newness of 2009, I asked myself how to bring closure to a wonderful year so that I could begin painting on a clean canvas for 2009? It is a great question for everyone finishing up something old and preparing for something new.

Can you imagine trying to paint a new picture on an old used canvas? Often we do that when we make New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions from 2008 are still lingering – incomplete and unfulfilled yet we try to start new ones as though they will magically manifest.

Every three years I do a deep introspective. I’ve been in the space of determining my next steps since the first of October. I usually give myself three months to bring closure to all that has happened good or bad. All occurrences have emotions attached to them whether we choose to process them at the time they happen or push them back to process later. To go forward effectively and embrace the future, we have to completely process them all.

I use these three sets of very pointed questions to navigate through my closure process:

What do I really want?
Where am I unbalanced?
What are my happiest moments in life?
Where is my heart pulling me?
In what direction do I know within my soul am I being led or pulled?
Where am I agitated in life?
Where am I fulfilled?
Where am I unfulfilled?

I follow those with the big questions:

Why am I unfulfilled?
Why am I agitated?
What elements make up the happiest moments in my life?

And lastly, three important and paramount questions come to mind:

What responsibility do I play in it?
What, if anything, am I willing or going to do about it?
How can I make my life line up with what I want it to be?
How do I put myself in the driver’s seat of my own life?

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions without first bringing closure to what has happened. Often we decide we want a different result without first identifying old habits and cycles that continue to lead to our demise. The demise of our great ideas and thoughts that prevent them from coming into fruition. When we fail to produce, we can easily become cynical and resigned to simply settling for whatever we can get.

I think it’s critical to honor and acknowledge the following:

What have and have I not accomplished.
What is my honest assessment of my accomplishment pro and con.
How do I make improvements and adjustments for the future.

As you answer these questions please be cautioned that guilt may arise. Make sure you are in a place to embrace the answers and to become empowered by them. Feelings of guilt or chastisement do not bring closure but rather deepening incompletion. It is also critical to acknowledge in authentic truth what you will change and what you are not yet in a position to not change. Also, what you can and cannot commit to and own the whole enchilada.

Keep the process going until you feel whole inside and a sense of completion. When you feel a sense of completion you are settled and at peace in your state of mind and being.

This process cleanses out all of the impurities of your life. It brings about the truest most authentic you and creates a clean slate to work from. When you finally make a decision to have something in your life for the new year, you actually do it with integrity and power attached to it rather than adding it to a pile of words that never manifest. Cleansing actually starts to wipe away all of the old paint and gives rise to a new canvas ready for a new creation.

The new creation can now begin!

You can now create something new for yourself and in this case for 2009.

When you finally bring the integrity of closure to your life, you must have clarity of your vision.

Here are the next steps:
Access your vision and make it as vivid and clear as possible.

Without clear vision, you will lack the fortitude to continue on your path to success. You MUST know clearly what you want and should reinforce your clear vision with visual displays.

You must have passion and purpose.

Clearly and boldly state your personal “why.” Why do you want this vision to be fulfilled? Answer your why with boldness and authority!

You must believe.

With unwavering faith you must stand in your vision. This means address your emotions, thoughts and feelings that fall short of belief in your vision

You must act.

With all that you are, take action with fire and passion. Action produces the results. No action, no results. You must ACT!

Each of these elements are a process to living a life of power, passion and dreams come true. I’d love to share more on these subjects because it is a process and you must be rigorous with yourself to fully bring closure and create a new.

This Wednesday, January 21 at 10am on the P3 Power Boost Radio show we will discuss “The Power of Closure” so tune in On February 3rd, I will lead a powerful teleseminar on the Six Keys to Living the Golden Life which will include an in depth look into vision.

We will also conduct more teleconferences in our P3 Lifeline on these subjects to aid in your quest to achieve your goals. So be sure to join as soon as possible –

We’re in your corner and we know the power lives within you. We want to help you tap into it.

Stay tuned as we too embark on an incredible 2009. Call us and join us in the many things to come.

Your P3 President and Visionary,
Lisa H. Thomas
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