Your Most Important Performance Review

by Kim  Crouch

I remember once hearing Chris Rock say about his role as a parent that his entire life is about keeping his daughters off the pole. The pole he was referring to of course was the stripping pole. And while said in humor, his point was merely that as a parent it’s his role to ensure his daughters doesn’t have experiences or a life that leads them to end up in a place no parent would envision for their child.

The truth is, if you have kids, being a parent is your most important job. A lot of us spend a good deal of energy trying to ensure a good performance review at work but how often do you think about the performance review your child may give you 20 years later

You never want to hear them talk about the terrible childhood they had or how horrible a parent you are. Now some kids won’t acknowledge the good some parents did no matter what but in general most kids are honest about their assessment of their childhood and how they were raised.

So I would encourage you to put as much or more effort into ensuring you do a good job with your kids as you do to get the raise at work or to advance in your career. After all, your kids are your legacy and your gift to mankind. Believe me, 20 years from now the performance review that matters most will not be the one your boss gives you but the one your children do because it has a lifetime effect.

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