Featured P3 Pearl, Ester Nicholson - 12 steps to Freedom

April 2011 - Featured P3 Pearl, Ester Nicholson – 12 steps to Freedom

  By Lisa Thomas It was a spring like day when I sat down with Ester Nicholson. I found her particularly fascinating because of her big gentle spirit and heart. Somehow I knew I'd discover more pearls of wisdom within Ester than I could imagine so I was thrilled to hear her story. And

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April 2011 - Domestic Violence and Drug Addiction

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND DRUG ADDICTION By Ester Nicholson Drug addiction was one of many addictions.  My first addiction was love.  No matter what the cost, if my attention fixated on one particular man, I would do anything to make him love me.  I look back now, and can’t believe the crap I a

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April 2011 - Planting Seeds for Your Future

Mother Nature certainly likes her routine. Global warming aside, she cycles through the same processes, in the same order, doing things the same way they always have been done. Within that cycle, of course, variations exist—a dry winter or a mild fall—but we always can rely on the rhythm. One

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Wilder in Real Life:  My Wonderful Self

April 2011 - Wilder in Real Life: My Wonderful Self

If you've been following my column you have a pretty good idea of how I feel about not measuring up to other people my age. Maybe, you didn't catch on to it, but I have a problem with comparing myself to other people.  Recently, I was questioned about my greatness.  No,  really someone asked m

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No Pushing

March 2011 - No Pushing

By: Angela Harper   Walk the halls of elementary school and you’ll lose count of how many times a teacher says, “No pushing!” Nobody likes to be pushed; it’s not a good feeling. Throughout this journey of life we hit road blocks and other unpredictable obstacles. Some of us have t

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Hurry Up Already, What's Taking So Long?

March 2011 - Hurry Up Already, What’s Taking So Long?

  By Lisa Thomas, Hurry up already, What’s taking so long?!? When I'm standing in a room full of professional  and business women speaking on this subject, I often say, " you know..... "patience" .....my fellow leaders,      really is a virtue!!!" Read on! I’d gotten a

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March 2011 - Police Your Own Business! Three Things to Watch for That Could Get Your Business Issued a Warning Ticket.

Police Your Own Business! Three Things to Watch for That Could Get Your Business Issued a Warning Ticket By Chia-Li Chien It was a sunny, early spring day and we were on our way to the North Carolina Zoo. While traveling on Highway 49 and enjoying the scenery, we noticed a state trooper. Su

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My Body....My Zebra Print

March 2011 - My Body….My Zebra Print

By Eugenia Brown   So I was getting dressed this morning and admiring my body when I began to realize...... In society we are obsessed with thinness and this idea of perfection when in all actuality the idea or thought of even trying to achieve it is simply a waste of our times.

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March 2011 - For the Sake of Love

By: Angela Harper     If thou must love me, let it be for nought Except for love's sake only. Do not say `I love her for her smile ... her look ... her way Of speaking gently, ... for a trick of thought That falls in well with mine, and certes brought A sense of pleasant ease

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March 2011 - Wilder in Real Life: I’m Getting My Happy Back…

The title is according to Nene Leakes on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in reference to her marital issues.  Yep, I'm a fan. It seems like another quote for the books like "getting sexy or groove back," but for Leakes, many unhappy people, and myself it's not.  Maybe it's a good thing if it b

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February 2011 - Too Much Lemon

Patience is not an entrepreneur’s virtue Chia-Li Chien | Dec. 8, 2010 Like most immigrants who come to the U.S., I continue to foster my own culture in my family, especially by way of Chinese food. When I first came to the U.S. at age 21, I did not have much cooking experience. Over the 22 y

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February 2011 - 1st Poem for You

By Angela Harper I've never been a fan of Valetine's Day.  Aside from it's true origins and the eye sore of seeing all the paraphernalia littered throughout the stores, I was the kid that would bring those little cards with lollipops for all my classmates; only to be the kid to receive the least

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February 2011 - The Love Within

By: Lauren Wilder I didn’t make it home for the 2010 holiday season. Naturally, I was pretty bummed then I had a pretty sweet Christmas and peaceful New Year’s Eve. I’m glad it’s 2011 because I’ve looked back on previous posts, diary entries, and revisited (entirely too often) past f

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Love Exists In The Moment

February 2011 - Love Exists In The Moment

Love Exist in The Moment - Photo and Poetry by Lisa Thomas All there is, is this moment. Love emerges from the shadows Flowing, floating in the wind, In the moment, it is created. Like a gush of wind forms From the unknown swirling, Births a dancing funnel across the lands, Love is born

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Power, Passion and Purpose

February 2011 - Power, Passion and Purpose

Power, Passion and Purpose by Lisa Thomas The month of February seems to bring most people into the presence of love because Valentine’s day is around the corner. I’ve often wondered why it is such a big deal now rather than just a natural part of our lives. I’m sure there is some historica

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Featured P3 Pearl, Eleanor LeCain - Break Through and Break Free

February 2011 - Featured P3 Pearl, Eleanor LeCain – Break Through and Break Free

Breakthrough Solutions- Break Through Break Free - By Lisa Thomas with Eleanor LeCain It was a cold winter day when I had the chance to sit and talk with P3 Pearl Eleanor LeCain. I felt a kindred spirit in Eleanor as I listened to her passion for others. She is one of the world’s most precio

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