February 2009 - Smooth Sailing with Vicki Freed

It was amazing speaking with Vicki Freed, Sr. Vice President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Vicki with such grace and poise talked candidly about her journey of balance, passion and power. Unlike some others I spoken with Vicki, did not start out with an intention to go into the travel bus

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February 2009 - About Our Cover: Vicki Freed

Vicki Freed is Royal Caribbean International’s senior vice president of Sales and Trade Support & Services. Vicki FreedFreed oversees the company's 345-person sales force, the largest sales team in the cruise industry. She also manages the company's Trade Support and Services division,

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February 2009 - C’mon Let’s Laugh: Follow Your Bliss!

By: Marilyn Sprague-Smith, M.Ed. Sometimes we don’t remember the specific details about where, when, how or from whom a pearl of wisdom is set before us. The messenger’s how-to’s seem impotent in comparison to the potency of the message. So it is for me and my introduction to Joseph Ca

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You must have Vision, Belief and Action

January 2009 - You must have Vision, Belief and Action

In reflecting on the close of 2008 while embracing the newness of 2009, I asked myself how to bring closure to a wonderful year so that I could begin painting on a clean canvas for 2009? It is a great question for everyone finishing up something old and preparing for something new. Can you imagi

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