April 2011 - Planting Seeds for Your Future

Mother Nature certainly likes her routine. Global warming aside, she cycles through the same processes, in the same order, doing things the same way they always have been done. Within that cycle, of course, variations exist—a dry winter or a mild fall—but we always can rely on the rhythm. One

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February 2011 - 10 Tips for Discovering What Comes Next!

By Jeannette Fitzwater So let me share a scenario with you. A woman is entering her “empty nest” period. She has been very accomplished and recognized in her area of expertise. However, for some reason, she increasingly feels a sense of unrest. With her new freedom comes a time to explore wha

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Featured P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater

December 2010 - Featured P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater

I had the pleasure of speaking with P3 Pearl, Jeannette Fitzwater on a cold wintry day. We both snuggled up to a candid conversation about her vision and passion for developing and leading others into their greatest potential. I was fascinated with Jeanette’s journey of success however what

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A Year in Review

December 2010 - A Year in Review

by Karyn L Beach The week between Christmas and New Year's is filled with The Year in Review stories. What were the biggest songs and movies and TV shows of the year? Who had the best year? Who had the worst? What stories got the most attention? When I do my goal setting workshops, I always st

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A Day to Create Dawns

December 2010 - A Day to Create Dawns

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty It is so quiet outside except for the birds. The birds sing when the sky is starting its gray glow towards sunshine. I am easing into my day with my second cup of coffee. I am feeling pretty good as I view all the efforts put forth yesterday. It is the kind of feeli

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How Can a Life Coach Help Fulfill Your Dreams?

December 2010 - How Can a Life Coach Help Fulfill Your Dreams?

By DeLores Pressley If I were to ask you if you liked your job, what would your answer be?  If I were to ask you if the job you have now excites or energizes you, what would your answer be?  Is this the job you have always dreamed of having?  Quite possibly, you may say that you like your job,

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November 2010 - Purposeful Networking

Know your target and stay focused. There are so many ways to network and so many places to network. But the most common complaints I hear from people about networking are: You can’t possibly join that many associations – it’s too costly. I don’t get any business from that networking

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But Can You Pay Your Bills with It?

October 2010 - But Can You Pay Your Bills with It?

by Karyn L. Beach Jessica had recently lost her job. To say that she and her immediate supervisor didn’t get along would have been an understatement. In fact, on several occasions, Jessica went over her supervisor’s head and took her complaints directly to their manager. Finally, after months

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September 2010 - Empowering Women to Be Effective Time Managers!

Life Coach, Lisa Thomas of the P3 Group, gives Valonda tips on being an effective time manager. Ever wonder how it is that your friend, co-worker or associate always seems to get more done than you? After all they have the same 24 hours as you do, don’t they? Even Donald Trump and Oprah Winfr

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P3 Pearl Story - Change is Good, Balance is Better!

July 2010 - P3 Pearl Story – Change is Good, Balance is Better!

  We’ve all heard the buzz term; balance, work life-balance or something like that. It seems as women, we’re always in the mode of trying to find that happy medium where we’re able to somehow take care of ourselves and take care of others. We’re on a constant quest to have it all; it isn

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March 2010 - Wilder in Real Life: “First Comes Winter Then Comes Spring…”

By Lauren Wilder “Change comes eventually.” If you don’t recognize this line then you’re obviously not a Lauryn Hill fan, no worries because you can relate to the quote without remainder of the chorus. It’s from her song “Everything is Everything” and that’s exactly how I fe

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December 2009 - Be a Giver

By Karyn L. Beach We’ve all heard that it is more blessed to give than to receive. But we live in a world where many are ruled by their wants and desires. When that adage comes up people think, “Yeah right, I’d much rather receive a flat-screen plasma television set than to give one away.

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September 2009 - Cover Interview: Paula Shoup and the Big Leap

By Lisa Thomas I had the privilege of speaking with Paula Shoup from Phoenix, Arizona this month – what an incredible woman! She’s certainly a P3 Pearl making great strides transforming lives and empowering others to follow their passion. Paula candidly spoke about being in a very lucrativ

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August 2009 - The Big Move Theory

By Lauren Wilder By the time this article reaches your eyes I will be Chicago.  I began dreaming of this move when I spent a month with my family in the summer of 2000. There was something in the air that made me want to come back again my senior year in high school for Christmas. It was at 1

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May 2009 - It’s Not Too Late to Make 2009 Great!

By America's Energy Coach Jon Gordon As we fast approach the halfway point of this year, it isn’t too late to start making the changes that can make 2009 a life-changing year! Thank you to Paula Koval for submitting this great list.  1. Take a 10-30 minute "Thank you" walk every day. While

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February 2009 - Smooth Sailing with Vicki Freed

It was amazing speaking with Vicki Freed, Sr. Vice President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Vicki with such grace and poise talked candidly about her journey of balance, passion and power. Unlike some others I spoken with Vicki, did not start out with an intention to go into the travel bus

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