P3 Pearl Story - Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

September 2010 - P3 Pearl Story – Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

  By Lisa Thomas It was a bright sunny morning when I spoke with this dynamic P3 Pearl. I was awe struck with her presence. She's such a soft spoken young woman with a passion that exudes from her inner core. When introduced I wasn't surprised to find a fascinating story in Anna Levesque. I

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June 2010 - Sort It Out! Work It Out!

by Angela Harper Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy working out. I’ve been physically active since I was a kid; 5 years of competitive gymnastics, 4 years of color guard, 10 years of pageants, and 10 years of dance. As a kid my dad would take my sister and I to the gym with him. I will neve

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November 2009 - How I Lost 80 Pounds and Kept It Off

By Wendy Dawn So many weight loss stories have an addendum in the small print that negates just about everything a quick-loss product promises to do. Usually, they say: "Weight lost in conjunction with diet and exercise." I'll bet you're sick of seeing buff models work out on the latest "As Seen

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June 2009 - Our Cover Interview: Dr. Joy Ohayia

by Lisa Thomas After speaking on a panel of incredible women at the Women’s Empowerment Expo 2009, with over 20,000 women in attendance, I stumbled upon another incredible speaker. Standing at 5 foot even was a poised, statuesque woman with a body most would die for. She had on an amazing pink

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You must have Vision, Belief and Action

January 2009 - You must have Vision, Belief and Action

In reflecting on the close of 2008 while embracing the newness of 2009, I asked myself how to bring closure to a wonderful year so that I could begin painting on a clean canvas for 2009? It is a great question for everyone finishing up something old and preparing for something new. Can you imagi

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