November 2010 - Purposeful Networking

Know your target and stay focused. There are so many ways to network and so many places to network. But the most common complaints I hear from people about networking are: You can’t possibly join that many associations – it’s too costly. I don’t get any business from that networking

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Angels In Service

October 2010 - Angels In Service

By Rev. Diannia Baty There are a lot of people in this world who are called in service to become a caregiver to someone in need. People step up to the plate either because of family needs or to be of service to another. It makes no difference if you are a volunteer or not, care giving is a to

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October 2010 - What does music have to do with leadership in business?

What does music have to do with leadership in business? 默契: 情意暗合 I recently attended Project Management Institute (PMI), Metrolina’s Professional Development Day (PDD) in Charlotte, NC. I attend the PDD each year simply to keep up with my continuing education credits. This year w

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What’s Next for You?

October 2010 - What’s Next for You?

What’s Next for You? Financial independence means different things to everyone by Chia-Li Chien During my 2nd quarter SRI Business Retreat meeting recently, I talked with forty-six business owners about history. I used as an example the fine economists who also play the role of historian

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October 2010 - How to Be Significant in Your Organization

I’m a big believer that everyone can bring significance to their organization.Whether you have a personal passion or a professional need to fulfill, creating the ideal work environment can be beneficial to you, your company and your future. The power of your success is revealed when you use your t

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September 2010 - Empowering Women to Be Effective Time Managers!

Life Coach, Lisa Thomas of the P3 Group, gives Valonda tips on being an effective time manager. Ever wonder how it is that your friend, co-worker or associate always seems to get more done than you? After all they have the same 24 hours as you do, don’t they? Even Donald Trump and Oprah Winfr

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P3 Pearl Story - Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

September 2010 - P3 Pearl Story – Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

  By Lisa Thomas It was a bright sunny morning when I spoke with this dynamic P3 Pearl. I was awe struck with her presence. She's such a soft spoken young woman with a passion that exudes from her inner core. When introduced I wasn't surprised to find a fascinating story in Anna Levesque. I

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August 2010 - The 4 Keys to Being Empowered By Your Image

  4 Keys to Being Empowerd by Your Image By Lisa Thomas Recently on a segment of Oprah, I saw two people sharing their shame of going out in public due to their appearance.  I’d heard this plaguing experience from a few women I know as well. It seems that image can be something to boa

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July 2010 - Be, Do, Have: Why This Principle Is So Important On Any Weight Loss Journey

by Michelle Burton About nine years ago I took a self-development course. When I took this training, I heard this statement for the first time: Be, Do, Have. Be, Do, Have is being the person you want to be and then you do what that person would do, to have what they would have. Most people

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June 2010 - Sort It Out! Work It Out!

by Angela Harper Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy working out. I’ve been physically active since I was a kid; 5 years of competitive gymnastics, 4 years of color guard, 10 years of pageants, and 10 years of dance. As a kid my dad would take my sister and I to the gym with him. I will neve

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June 2010 - Accessing Your Power, Purpose and Vision

By Lisa Thomas In the morning as I awake, it’s sometimes hard getting my eyes to operate as they should. I mean I have to push them open to create a small crack for a glimpse of day. Once I move a little here and there I find myself rising to greater consciousness and my eyes can open a bit

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Get a Clean Start!

May 2010 - Get a Clean Start!

by Angela Harper Believe it or not many women are not properly cleansing their faces. With so many products on the market it may be hard to choose. I’ve been through many products before I found the right one for me. I am a Mark Kay consultant and due to the changes in my skin and in the produc

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We Have Been Duped! Fat's Not the Enemy

May 2010 - We Have Been Duped! Fat’s Not the Enemy

by Michelle Burton I have been overweight pretty much my whole entire life. I was the biggest kid in school. My mommy had to shop for clothes for me in the husky section at Sears. Yeah, I know there are some of you reading this article who remembers the husky section at Sears. I was told I

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Credit Card Debt: How Much is Too Much?

May 2010 - Credit Card Debt: How Much is Too Much?

by Michielle DJ Beck Determining when You're in Financial Trouble with Your Credit Card Debt Quite a few books and Web sites provide formulas for calculating whether your current level of consumer debt is too much for your income, but there's a better indication of too much debt. Debt is mu

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April 2010 - The Power of a Good Laugh

by Alyssa Russo Laughter can reduce stress and pain. If you are dealing with an illness or going through a tough time in your life, laughing can help to boost your mood and improve your immune system. It can also create bonds with people, which is also good for your health. When you are lau

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March 2010 - Invest and Diversify for Success!

By Brenda McCoy Hunter As you probably know, this article is not about stocks, bonds or money. It is about building a better future and a better community. It is about developing social capital. It is about preparing to give-investing in yourself, giving what you have-to significant others, and r

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