P3 Jewel Julie Prim: A Passion Turned Career

April 2011 - P3 Jewel Julie Prim: A Passion Turned Career

By: Angela Harper   Amongst the hodgepodges of clichés we’re told growing up on holds true for our P3 Jewel; “If you can do what you love for a living; it will never feel like working.” Julie Prim, a native of Dallas, TX, spent the first part of her collegiate career working on a d

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April 2011 - Domestic Violence and Drug Addiction

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND DRUG ADDICTION By Ester Nicholson Drug addiction was one of many addictions.  My first addiction was love.  No matter what the cost, if my attention fixated on one particular man, I would do anything to make him love me.  I look back now, and can’t believe the crap I a

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April 2011 - Planting Seeds for Your Future

Mother Nature certainly likes her routine. Global warming aside, she cycles through the same processes, in the same order, doing things the same way they always have been done. Within that cycle, of course, variations exist—a dry winter or a mild fall—but we always can rely on the rhythm. One

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Wilder in Real Life:  My Wonderful Self

April 2011 - Wilder in Real Life: My Wonderful Self

If you've been following my column you have a pretty good idea of how I feel about not measuring up to other people my age. Maybe, you didn't catch on to it, but I have a problem with comparing myself to other people.  Recently, I was questioned about my greatness.  No,  really someone asked m

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Hurry Up Already, What's Taking So Long?

March 2011 - Hurry Up Already, What’s Taking So Long?

  By Lisa Thomas, Hurry up already, What’s taking so long?!? When I'm standing in a room full of professional  and business women speaking on this subject, I often say, " you know..... "patience" .....my fellow leaders,      really is a virtue!!!" Read on! I’d gotten a

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Prepare Me...A Prayer

March 2011 - Prepare Me…A Prayer

Prepare Me Prayer For Today... By Rev. Diannia Baty Prepare me to use my words with intention today. Prepare me to be a divine messenger of Peace. Prepare me to release, The bonds of the past. Prepare me with guidance throughout the day. Prepare me to release any thoughts that do

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 P3 Jewel Ashley Lambert: Never Standing Alone

February 2011 - P3 Jewel Ashley Lambert: Never Standing Alone

By: Angela Harper When I approached Lisa Thomas with the idea of creating, “The P3 Jewels,” I was not fully sure what I was asking, but knew it needed to be done. The P3 Power Boost has grown tremendously and our number of young readers has increased. We’ve all felt the generation

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February 2011 - The Love Within

By: Lauren Wilder I didn’t make it home for the 2010 holiday season. Naturally, I was pretty bummed then I had a pretty sweet Christmas and peaceful New Year’s Eve. I’m glad it’s 2011 because I’ve looked back on previous posts, diary entries, and revisited (entirely too often) past f

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Power, Passion and Purpose

February 2011 - Power, Passion and Purpose

Power, Passion and Purpose by Lisa Thomas The month of February seems to bring most people into the presence of love because Valentine’s day is around the corner. I’ve often wondered why it is such a big deal now rather than just a natural part of our lives. I’m sure there is some historica

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About P3 Pearl, Eleanor LeCain

February 2011 - About P3 Pearl, Eleanor LeCain

About P3 Pearl, Eleanor LeCain Eleanor LeCain is a dynamic speaker who gives people hope and inspiration, helping them understand what is happening now, and what we can do to improve our lives and build a new world.  With over 20 years experience in finding and communicating breakthrough solutio

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February 2011 - 10 Tips for Discovering What Comes Next!

By Jeannette Fitzwater So let me share a scenario with you. A woman is entering her “empty nest” period. She has been very accomplished and recognized in her area of expertise. However, for some reason, she increasingly feels a sense of unrest. With her new freedom comes a time to explore wha

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We All Need Each Other

February 2011 - We All Need Each Other

Rev. Diannia Baty WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER! We all need a community to share our beliefs, our hopes, heart hurts and ideas. We all need a shoulder or a hand given freely when needed. We all need each other. We need to rock the boat and make some waves and cause others to think. We need to shake it

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Missing Carolyn

December 2010 - Missing Carolyn

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty My first cousin Carolyn is not on the earth physically any longer.  I remember a crisp fall day walking in the woods together talking about life and how much we loved each other.  That was the day she told me about her breast cancer diagnosis. We were six months apart

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December 2010 - An Observation on Leadership

An Observation on Leadership by Jeannette Fitzwater Do you visualize a typical leader as being clad in a suit and spending many hours in meetings? While I have to admit that I have shared some of these same impressions, I have had my eyes opened. As a participant of Leadership Maryland, I spent

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The Power of Closure

December 2010 - The Power of Closure

The Power of Closure by Lisa Thomas ©Copyright 2010.. The Power of Closure is important and critical when you’re creating a new. They say “out with the old and in with the new”, but what happens when you don’t say goodbye to the old? In reflecting on the close of 2010 while embra

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Out With The old, In With The new!

December 2010 - Out With The old, In With The new!

What pieces of life have you been holding on to? Enjoy this reading and discover your own set of towels... The towels…By Lisa Thomas In September 1994, it was a warm day filled with happy and joyous moments. I was wearing a carefully designed tailor made gown; one I had envisioned in my min

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