Are You Listening?

December 2010 - Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? From the Desk of Rev. Diannia Baty © Are you tuned in or tuned out? Are you a good listener? Do you find that you will have a conversation with someone and hardly recall most of what was said? Do people in your life ask you if you are listening to them? Do you sometime

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Missing Carolyn

December 2010 - Missing Carolyn

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty My first cousin Carolyn is not on the earth physically any longer.  I remember a crisp fall day walking in the woods together talking about life and how much we loved each other.  That was the day she told me about her breast cancer diagnosis. We were six months apart

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A Day to Create Dawns

December 2010 - A Day to Create Dawns

By Rev. Lady Diannia Baty It is so quiet outside except for the birds. The birds sing when the sky is starting its gray glow towards sunshine. I am easing into my day with my second cup of coffee. I am feeling pretty good as I view all the efforts put forth yesterday. It is the kind of feeli

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Thanksgiving Day Declaration

November 2010 - Thanksgiving Day Declaration

Thanksgiving Day Declaration By Rev. Diannia Baty For a few weeks now I have been struggling with getting my thoughts on Thanksgiving so I could get it down and bring it to life. For some reason that has escaped me until now I have been blocked and could not write about it. I am blessed as

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Angels In Service

October 2010 - Angels In Service

By Rev. Diannia Baty There are a lot of people in this world who are called in service to become a caregiver to someone in need. People step up to the plate either because of family needs or to be of service to another. It makes no difference if you are a volunteer or not, care giving is a to

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October 2010 - A Rose is a Rose

From the desk of Rev. Diannia Baty   Oh my goodness, there is a rose that is the wrong color. We need to throw it out. It doesn’t fit with the color scheme. It shouldn’t be there. What are we to do? It is not like the rest of them. How dare that yellow rose try to be with the rest of us?

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When the Blue is Sucked out of the Sky

September 2010 - When the Blue is Sucked out of the Sky

  Thoughts on Depression By Rev. Diannia Baty Depression is so prevalent right now that I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on it. It affects every area of your life and make no mistake; it also affects every single person you are in contact with. I have been there and

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P3 Pearl Story - Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

September 2010 - P3 Pearl Story – Paddling Against The Current with Anna Levesque

  By Lisa Thomas It was a bright sunny morning when I spoke with this dynamic P3 Pearl. I was awe struck with her presence. She's such a soft spoken young woman with a passion that exudes from her inner core. When introduced I wasn't surprised to find a fascinating story in Anna Levesque. I

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We The People Are Not Victims

August 2010 - We The People Are Not Victims

WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT VICTIMS...TAKE THE TEETH FROM THE TIGER. By Rev. Lady Dannia Baty Copyright 2010 I won’t argue the fact that there are some big changes happening on our world but the fact is changes have been happening for a long time now and this is nothing new. While the wheels are t

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June 2010 - Whatchu say? Manifest! Manifest what?

Lisa Thomas When we as Christians or Spiritual people talk about God and read the bible we say we believe his word but on some deep level unbeknownst to us, we don’t really believe. I know we have all heard the verse “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it sh

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April 2009 - From the President’s Corner: Writing Your Way to Freedom

by Lisa Thomas Writing soothes my soul and allows me to escape into my own created world where there are no boundaries. It calms me and takes me into an unknown world well worth the adventure. Much of my writing is the window to the heart, soul and mind of Lisa. While writing had been a hobby for m

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February 2009 - One Creation

by Sarah Liddle Within the universe, within you, within me is the power, the power of all things. This power is not separate from the power of another; the power of ourselves is also the power of another. Everything is an inseparable one creation, the entire universe makes us up, and we make the

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