The Power Lives Within You..

And It’s Always Been There!

Join Us for an Full Day of  Heal The Whole YOU!

The P3 Group, Inc is proud to announce

Heal the Whole YOU!

November 2011| Full Day| Atlanta, GA


Powerful Group of Women It’s an evening filled with powerful women sharing how they’ve moved into their powerful place in the areas of prosperity and wealth from the inside out!

Some women have high powered positions within the corporate sector while others have ventured out on their own to pursue other visions and dreams.

This workshops takes you on intimate journey of power, passion and profit. Each speaker speaks from the heart to educate you in what it takes to follow through, overcome obstacles and achieve abundance, prosperity and wealth!

The P3 Group knocked it out of the park on Thursday, September 18th with their Executive Power Boost for Women! I’ve been searching for a positive network of progressive business women that wasn’t shrouded with an ulterior motive. After sitting through just 20 minutes of the meeting I was swinging from the chandeliers because finally I could feel the positive energy of women who were eager to learn and grow personally and professionally all of whom brought something valuable to bring to the table!Afterwards we all sat down to coffee and the synergy was phenomenal! I recommend The P3 Group to any woman who is serious about converting her business into an empire and becoming whole and complete.I was so inspired, I even came to work for the company!
Alishah Kier – Motivated Woman on the Move!


This is one experience you do NOT want to miss. Expect to walk away with YOUR passion and vision ignited, the opportunity to connect and meet some extraordinary women, along with a burst of inspiration by all of these remarkable women speakers!

Lisa, Nadia & Kim at P3 Power Boost in Charlotte

Inspired Women at The P3 Power Boost in Charlotte


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  1. Karyn Beach says:

    I had a wonderful time last night at the Power Boost for Women on the Edge of a Spiritual Awakening. Honest discussions and insightful speakers in a supportive atmosphere made it a night to remember. I feel a lot closer to my own spiritiual awakening. Thank you Lisa! And thanks to the speakers Diannia Baty, Kim Jacobs, Nadia Moffett and Chia – Li Chien for a truly amazing event. Karyn Beach!

  2. The event on the 18th was wonderful! I was feeling a little afriad to come and join in, but I left feeling lifted and grateful I came. It was full of wonderful speakers and women who have been through some tough experiences just like me, and they learned to overcome. I was awe inspired and will keep learning from these great ladies. I have shared the experience with a few friends and doctors I’ve been in contact with the last few days. Thank You ALL for Sharing. It was wonderful.. Ellen Phillips…

  3. I love what The P3 Group is doing! I believe in its mission and its purpose to inspire women! I have a great time at the P3 Power Boost in Charlotte and truly look forward to the next event! Truly refreshing! Nadia Moffett, Miss North Carolina USA, 2010

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